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Weavers is deal of the day on Amazon today!

Just in case you didn’t score a digital copy yet, Weavers is just $1.99 on Amazon for the rest of September 30th!

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Booklist starred review for Weavers!

Amazing new review from Booklist for my new novel Weavers, out now from Thomas and Mercer. Check it out below, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of book one in The Moirai Trilogy!

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Galley Giveaway is complete.

Thanks to all who contacted me, but as of last night all of the copies of Weavers set aside for the giveaway are gone. Official release is next week, and you can pre-order copies here: More news to come … Continue reading

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Galley Giveaway!!!

Hey All, I finally got Weavers galleys in, and I would love to share some with you. I have five to give away, and as usual, they’re first come, first serve. Drop me a line on either here or Goodreads, … Continue reading

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Nickel Plated named one of the top one hundred YA Mysteries of the last ten years!

Booklist Magazine-who are awesome-named Nickel Plated as one of the 100 best YA mysteries of the last 10 years. So cool! You can check out the list below, along with a bunch of other rad books.

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Weavers cover is up!!

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The Moirai Trilogy

Book one of the Moirai Trilogy, Weavers, is due out on July 7th, and I wanted to give you guys a few updates. 1. What in the hell is the Moirai Trilogy? Great question! The Moirai Trilogy follows the paths … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision and The Fort on sale in the US today!

Great deals on Tunnel Vision and The Fort today on Amazon, a little over half off on both titles. And of course, this guy isn’t available, or on sale, but it sure is fun to see…

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Reviews and Etiquette and Frustration

One thing I need to get out of the way first. I love that people review my books. Obviously I love the good ones, because it’s just so damn cool when someone really digs my work, but I’ve even taken … Continue reading

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Get Tunnel Vision a month early, and possibly even for free!

Have you heard of Kindle First? It’s a cool program that Amazon has that allows readers early access to new books, and this month, Tunnel Vision was selected as one of the four titles in the program. Even better, if … Continue reading

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