The Vanderbilt and Kindle Scout

Thanks to all who voted, but the expiration date has hit for Kindle Scout. I’ll be sure to post here once I get word on the results, hopefully it will be good news.

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  1. Andrea Reed says:

    Dear Aric Davis:

    I’m sorry that Kindle Scout didn’t select THE VANDERBILT. I tweeted [Andrea Beatrice Reed on Twitter]

    Andrea Beatrice Reed on Twitter
    “@LexfromBohemia ✅Vote TODAY for THE VANDERBILT, by #AricDavis,#onKindleScout——#Thriller …

    and voted for it.

    I think the way this book is put together, a fictional nonfiction oral history of a maritime disaster, complete with an Author’s Note at the beginning, and an Epilogue by its fictional author, Trent Langford, is ingenious. Providing the multiple viewpoints in the subjects’ own words, without foreshadowing what the reader should think of each one is wonderful. We have a host of plausible unreliable narrators gathered together by a fictional author who is supposedly neutral. I want to learn more about what went wrong, how people reacted to it, and how they ended up! It sounds much more intriguing than the crash of the Titanic.

    Will you be publishing THE VANDERBILT independently? You can make the Kindle Scout system work for you even though they didn’t have the good taste to pick your book. Just arrange a free period (say, five days), then, once it’s live (Check first, since there are sometimes glitches—), tell KS that it’s available. KS will inform the voters (although some authors have reported delays of up to several days—), who will hopefully click on the link, see it’s free, and grab it.

    Not only is this a nice way to thank the voters for doing what they could to get THE VANDERBILT chosen (After all, it isn’t THEIR fault that KS has dubious taste—), but it also gets “verified purchase” ARCs into the hands of those most likely to rate THE VANDERBILT highly. If you give me a heads-up, I’ll be happy to tweet about the free period to my Twitter-followers, in case they overlook the Kindle Scout email.

    KS says it will give authors whose books make their shortlist individualized critiques through February:
    Editorial Feedback Now Available Until 28 February
    We have decided to extend our offer of personalized editorial feedback for all shortlisted manuscripts until 28 February 2018!
    Would you be kind enough to share with me what Kindle Scout sends you? As a freelance copyeditor/proofreader, I have a professional interest in knowing what goes on in what passes for minds at Kindle Scout when they make their puzzling decisions.

    Did you know that if someone reworks their manuscript, they can resubmit it for another campaign, with (if desired) a new title/cover/one-liner/blurb? You could see what Kindle Scout says, and make changes accordingly. Then you could try for another bite at the apple.

    You listed it as a Psychological Thriller. Since it is about a disaster stemming from the blast of an electromagnetic pulse, which has not yet happened, but is plausible, you could also list it as a Technothriller, and as near-future Science Fiction. That would get the attention of more voters.

    What are you working on next? Will it be on Kindle Scout soon?

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for checking out The Vanderbilt, and that was insanely nice of you to share my Kindle Scout campaign with your Twitter followers, I truly appreciate it. I’m definitely leaning towards just getting this book out there and seeing what might happen with it, but I’m still a little wary of actually doing it. There’s a ten year gap between now and the last time that I self-published a book, but what makes me want to release is exactly what you just said; I really want to share this with people, especially with those who nominated me. However, no matter what I decide I will be sure to share anything that I might hear from KS about the manuscript with you once they get it to me. Like you I’m very interested to hear what they might have to say, especially in regard to what they’re looking for.

      As to another book on KS, I’m really not sure. I’ve got three or four manuscripts that I’d consider sharing with them, but I still have a little bit of a bitter taste in my mouth regarding this experience-though I do tend to bounce back pretty quickly. Definitely a good question though, and one I plan to resolve for myself shortly.

      Thanks again,

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