Galley Giveaway!!!

Hey All,

I finally got Weavers galleys in, and I would love to share some with you. I have five to give away, and as usual, they’re first come, first serve. Drop me a line on either here or Goodreads, I’ll get back to you for shipping and signing info, and I can have a copy to you in the mail as soon as Monday!


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7 Responses to Galley Giveaway!!!

  1. Elizabeth Cox says:

    I can’t wait for the new book. Please send a copy!

  2. John Monahan says:

    Yes, please! I would really like a copy.

  3. Will Nunery says:

    I would love a copy. Also I have a question as I am a new fan. I have read Tunnel Vision but am unsure of what other books are in that series, can you please tell me what other books/book are in the series for Tunnel Vision?

    Thanks, W.

    • admin says:

      Hi Will,

      I’ll send an email along shortly so I can get your address, thanks for stopping by the site!

      Nickel Plated is the prequel to Tunnel Vision that tells an earlier story about Nickel. As to the rest of this wicked web…

      Breaking Point is the first Dick Van Endel novel-he’s the cop that talks to Betty.

      The Fort is the second Van Endel book, and also features Betty’s mom, Andrea.

      A Good and Useful Hurt has very brief cameos from Nickel-non speaking-and Van Endel.

      Rough Men features Van Endel in a small role.

      In addition, there are numerous unpublished Van Endel and Nickel books. Hopefully they’ll see the light of day eventually.


  4. Raphael Kearns says:

    If you still have any left I would love one.

    I’m a huge fan!

  5. Lance Martin says:

    Are there any copies left? I would love one….

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