Tunnel Vision and The Fort on sale in the US today!

Great deals on Tunnel Vision and The Fort today on Amazon, a little over half off on both titles.



And of course, this guy isn’t available, or on sale, but it sure is fun to see…


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  1. Mary Wragg says:

    I’m not sure how to reach Aric Davis, but I’m going to go ahead and leave a message for him here. I just finished Tunnel Vision and I really enjoyed it. I read his remarks on his site and I was pretty appalled at how close-minded people can be. I thought it was a refreshing take on a parenting style not normally seen. But my favorite book is A Good and Useful Hurt. It was an amazing book. I was completely drawn into all the characters and the story line inexplicably pulled me in. To this day I recommend it to people looking for a good book. I work as an MA at Jefferson and whoever a patient and I get to talking about about books, I throw Useful Hurt their way. It truly is an amazing book and left an indelible mark on me!

    • admin says:

      Hi Mary,

      Don’t worry, everything on here gets read by me eventually, though sometimes I’m faster than others. Thanks so much for reading and promoting my work, I really appreciate it, and I’m super happy that you’ve enjoyed my writing so far. Thanks as well for being a reader, and for stopping by!


  2. Hey Aric, I didn’t know how else to reach you so I am posting here. I have read Nickel Plated, The Fort, Breaking Point and Tunnel Vision. They are now on my list of favorite books. Not just because they are good stories but because I really identify with your writing style. Most other books I have read seem to be written by people who live completely different lives. That the gritty realities they write about they have only read about, that they have to imagine what struggle and hardship looks like. Your work however is done from the world I live in, a world where you have to do things you might not want to just to get by. I just wanted to give you props for that and if you have a second I would really dig it if you checked out my first book. I’m not gonna post the info in this message because I’m not trying to spam your fans. When I went to post this comment it asked for my email and website so hopefully you can get my info from there. The main thing I wanted to say is thanks for what you do man.

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      I really appreciate that, thanks a bunch! I’ve always read that a writer should use what they know when it comes to crafting a story, and I think in my case it would be impossible to do otherwise. I imagine you feel the same, that writing in a way that can showcase the hard things that we’ve seen only makes the work that much more authentic. I’ll be sure to check out your book, and have no problem giving you a pop on here. For those of you interested, John’s work can be found here:


      I’ll be sure to let you know when I check it out, but it will be a little bit. I’m slogging through a heck of a stack right now, and I’m working my tail off on a new book. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Thanks so much man! And yes, please do not let me slow you down on the Moirai Trilogy, it sounds super crazy and I cant wait to check it out.

  4. Jerry says:

    I read Nickel Plated last year and am looking forward to reading tunnel vision this winter. Nickel is a great character.

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