I have Tunnel Vision Galleys!

And I need to know who wants one?

First three people to message me on here get a free signed copy direct from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just say you want one, I’ll email you back, get an address, and I’ll ship the next day.

So, who wants to read about Nickel?

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9 Responses to I have Tunnel Vision Galleys!

  1. Aric Peterson says:

    Hey, I do. I posted on Goodreads as well.

  2. Moonis Imran says:

    Hi your books are so go I really can’t wait to read that book .the first of nickel plated was a great book .

  3. Gail Hanson says:

    I do. Would love to read what’s next for Nickel.

  4. MIKE WYSOCKI says:

    Is this on the Kindle??

    • admin says:

      It will be, or you can stop by the house and get a hard copy.

      The perks of being a brother in law, ladies and gentlemen.

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