Nickel Back

When you read that, what do you think of?

More news to come, but I have a feeling that a lot of you guys are going to like this…

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12 Responses to Nickel Back

  1. Jgonieal says:

    I finished reading nickel plated for the millionth time a couple of seconds ago( I am definitely exaggerating, but you understand what I mean). I am hoping that this post means that one of my favorite book characters of all time is showing his face again. Is it possible that you can say if this is happening or not? I’m excited at the thought of this book.


    • admin says:

      Hi Jackson,

      Thanks so much, and I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed Nickel so much. I would hate to give too much away at this point, but I can say that at least two of my characters will be returning in my next novel. As soon as the ink is dry I’ll be able to share some more.


  2. Jgonieal says:

    I really hope by that you mean Arrow and Nickel

  3. Doug says:

    Started reading Nickel Plated last night and finished the book at 2 am. Great book, couldn’t put it down. Very excited to hear there may be a sequel and plan to start reading your other books.

  4. Cari says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Absolutely LOVED Nickel as a character and could not put down the book. Cannot wait for the next book and so happy you are writing the next one. Would love to see this turned into multiple books and see if he makes it to adulthood not getting caught. But I understand that if the character doesn’t “talk” to you, there is no point in forcing the story. I just wish Nickel had been around to rescue me from my crappy childhood and REALLY wish I had had Rhino to give me some lessons as a kid. Anyway, thanks for the awesome story and am waiting anxiously for the next book!

    • admin says:

      Hi Cari,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nickel so much, and I really think you’ll enjoy the new novel coming out later this year.
      That said, that all kind of pales in comparison to that other thing you mentioned. I wish Nickel were around to rescue a lot of kids, and I really wish that Rhino were really around too. For any of you reading this, lets all try and remember-this includes me-to try and be that voice of reason when we see a child that might need our help. A little bit of egg on our face for being wrong is far better than the alternative.


  5. Jennifer Nagy says:

    I absolutely loved Nickel Plated and Nickel’s character. I think that this book was one of my favorites!

  6. Dominique says:

    I LOVED Nickel Plated and Tunnel Vission! I adore Nickel and was surprised to learn he’s just a kid. I read Nickel Plated in a marrer of hours (only put it down so I could go to sleep). I really hope Nickel will just get his own series, or at least 2 more novels :-) you’ve got a huge fan in me

    • admin says:

      Hi Dominique,

      Thanks for checking out my work, and for stopping by the blog! Super cool how fast you tore through Nickel Plated, I love hearing stories like that, and I agree with you that more Nickel would be a good thing. You may or may not have seen it on here, but my next books will be a trilogy that will see its first book released in May. After that, more Nickel seems like a likely proposition.


  7. andrea says:

    Wow, great work! Love your style with counter culture in the content of your novels. I read tunnel vision first, then nickel plated, then a good and useful hurt and just started the ride this morning. All in the last week. Amazing, truly. My search on google for the novel involving the creeps nickel sent to hell on a defunct roller coaster got me here. Does this novel exist yet? I love nickel but really, all yer characters are bad ass. As a woman and avid reader, I really appreciate an author who treats his female characters with as much consideration as the male ones. I know that might sound antiquated but maybe I am of the inbetween generation that was inundated with robert heinlien’s sexism and saved by john varley’s egalitarianism. I really wanna say thankyou for the great entertainment. Stay strong, you are a blessing to so many readers (especially the pierced and tattooed ladies 😉 Sincerely, Ande

    • admin says:

      Hi Ande,

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and for checking out my work! I’m so glad that you feel I’m doing right by the ladies that live on my pages, I work really hard to try and get that right, and it means a ton when someone notices my efforts.

      As for Nickel and his roller coaster…that novel is currently trunked, along with its follow up. I’m sure they will see the light of day eventually, but I have no idea when. In all likelihood a second Betty and Nickel book will follow the trilogy of novels I’m currently working on, but eventually those older Nickel novels may get some time to shine too.

      Thanks again,

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