Thanks for braving the snow!

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to Schuler Book’s and Music last night for the event. Regrettably, there were so few of you that it would be easy to just name you all, but I do really appreciate your traveling to see me blather for a few minutes after driving through a blizzard. The one good thing to take away from it is that I’ll be doing another event in a few months when The Fort releases. If we get a blizzard in June I’ll eat my hat.

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  1. Savannah Mae says:

    Hey Aric,

    I am a new blogger here on WordPress. My focus is completely on book reviews. I wanted to let you know I have featured your book “A Good and Useful Hurt” on my “Keep It” list recently. I am currently working on my book review for your book and plan to be posting this within the next couple of days. I read your book last year and then found you had other books too. After searching for more info on your work, I found that you have another title that has just been released and one to come!! AWESOME!

    I was curious to know if you would be interested in being a sponsor for my first Bookblog giveaway? I am contacting a few choice authors/publishers to see if they would be willing to offer up a copy of their book(s) to send to a randomly picked winner. I am drumming up some attention for my blog and you are on the top of my list for a great read!

    If you would like to offer a book for the giveaway, I would just send you a note of the winner(s) with their address directly to you and you could just send it out to them. There wouldn’t be any need to send me anything. (Unless you just want me to review another book of yours)

    The giveaway has not yet been scheduled as I am currently looking for sponsors who would like to participate. You would be welcome to offer as many as you like. I plan to do the Bookblog giveaway monthly, hopefully starting in mid-April.

    If you are interested, please email me directly. I don’t expect you to post this comment on your page. I just wasn’t sure how else I might be able to get in touch with you. My email address is

    Thanks in advance for your time! Review coming soon!!


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