I’ve been sick/I’ve been writing/I’m not sick of writing/Dead Man

I’ve been just sick enough for the past few days to make my lovely wife and charming daughter distrust me whenever I move a muscle, I can hear their thoughts, ‘Is he going to touch that? Ugh. He did.’ As the primary food preparer in our house this has been a hard week. For the first time, in, well, ever, my ladies want me out of the kitchen. I hate it. I also want a beer, but I digress.

Two exciting book related things, The Fort went live on Amazon today, and I finished a new manuscript. The piece I just finished-more crime, yay-came out really well, at least for a first draft. It is written as a follow up to The Fort, so we’ll see what my beloved firsties think.

For the first time, ever, I finished a novel free of burnout, and I did it while sick. This is either a good sign, or a really bad one. That said, it feels good, my muse is still furious and screaming, and if she doesn’t want blood, her guitar is out of tune.

Dead Man #14 is out next week and I helped write it. Give it a look on your Kindle!!

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  1. kandi owens says:

    I read both of ur books in the past week and half. I read a good and useful hurt first and just finished Nickel!!! I loved both of them and couldn’t put them down!! I couldn’t put either of them down yet at the same time was so sad when they ended!I love ur style of writing its fresh. And funky and so well written! Absolutely. Two of the best books I have read in awhile!!! Hope to see more soon!

  2. Simon Kaminski says:


    I really enjoyed reading your book Nickel. (Well, the German translation of it which is very good translated).

    It was a very long time ago that I’m reading a book liking so much like yours.

    I really liked the story and the main character and because of that I want you to ask if we will see more stories from Nickel.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Simon! As of right now, there are no plans for a sequel for Nickel-though I have written one. On a brighter note, my second novel “A Good and Useful Hurt” is going to be released in Germany later this year. The German edition is called “Guter Schmerz,” and is slated for a translated release on December 25th. Thanks for checking out my work!


  3. Jack Hastings says:

    Nickel Plated is one of the very few books have inspired me to hope for a sequel not only while I was reading it but absolutely after I read the final sentence. I also hope that you might consider a prequel. My wife and I owned a large, well known bookstore for many years and enjoyed sharing new discoveries with our visitors. If we still owned the shop, I would order a substantial quanity of this title, create a disply on or near the front counter and place a copy in the hands of most of our guests. I would tell each person just enough about Nickel to probably add the book to their stack. However, I have ordered more coppies that I will be sending to others that I believe will appreciate this unique story. One of my friends that I have known for more than 50 years is book and film reviewer and I am certain that he will be intrigued and possibly give it some exposure. Best wishes for a long and productive carrear.

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