I’m going to post about BEA, I swear!

I really am, just not yet. I expect that to be a rambling, disjointed, actually have to edit it sort of piece, so for the time being, a few short updates.

I miss New York. A lot.

I thought it would be cool, but it was honestly more than that, I really felt a sense of belonging there that I usually don’t get around strangers. Not a single person was rude about my appearance the entire trip. Not one.

LA Noire is a great, great game, it is cutting into writing time. and I don’t care. I’m a detective, this is important work.

Amazon Publishing is an epic force, and the best part is, not a single asshole on the team. The whole trip I kept waiting for someone to be a dick or stand offish or something, but no dice. They were all just incredibly fun, caring people.

There was one author who got away with a bit of bad form, perhaps I’ll discuss this further in my actual BEA post…

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6 Responses to I’m going to post about BEA, I swear!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey Aric, Saw your original post about going to BEA. So cool! Been watching your blog for the last week to see if you had any good stories about NYC. Hope to read more later! And I will be checking out LA Noire for sure. :) (I downloaded Undead Nightmare for RDR on your recommendation. Classic!) Have a good one!

  2. Aidan says:

    This is a coincidence. I just finished la noir last week. The day after, I went to the library and saw nickel plated and it seemed interesting so I checked it out. Im in the middle of it and I love it so far. Im so glad I decided to check it out and found out about you. I look forward to reading future novels by you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for checking out Nickel Plated, I’m really happy to hear that you’re digging it so far! I’m still playing LA Noire, I’m in the arson cases currently. Some of the storytelling is a little clunky, but overall it’s just a fantastic game. My favorite part thus far was the Dahlia stuff, very creepy and cool.

      I’m glad you stopped by!

      • Aidan says:

        I finished Nickel Plated today and I loved it. It was actually the first leisure book I have read in a couple of months because of all the school reading I had to do. It was an amazing story and had a great and un-traditional novel ending which I liked a lot.
        Also L.A. Noir picks up the pace very fast in the last few hours of story mode, so you will definitely enjoy it.

        Thanks for the story, I will surely be reading future novels that you write, whether they are part of Nickel’s series or about other things.

  3. Janet Murphy says:

    Aric; Just Read Nickel Plated. Loved it will be recommending to everyone this summer at my library. Good character development, smooth storytelling, Nickel is a great character, hard shelled and compassionate. Keep writing, you really have something here.

    • admin says:

      Hi Janet,

      Thank you so much for checking out Nickel Plated, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. The library bit makes me extra happy, nothing has pleased me more than to hear bits and pieces about people enjoying my book from the library. I grew up in a home where a weekly trip was a must, and my daughter and I treasure our trips to the library to this day. Thanks again.


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