BEA on Monday!

Well I leave for New York perilously early Morning, and I cannot wait! I will be at Fordham University at 3:00 Monday afternoon to do a Nickel Plated signing, will be attending the Amazon party that evening, and will be at BEA most of Tuesday. My Tuesday plans involve lurking around the Amazon booth, stalking authors I want to meet, and just generally being overwhelmed. I’m hoping my appearance is not too over the top for the environment.

ATTN Evildoers: Yes, I just posted that I’m going to be out of town on the internet, and this is considered bad form. However, breaking into my house to steal all of my rad stuff might not be the best idea. I have a couple of retired neighbors that don’t sleep, and they’re both very heavily armed. So, y’know, keep that in mind. That said, all of my rifles are in the basement with my good TV. I’d start there.

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