Florida Roller Coasters

Florida has some amazing roller coasters, and over the past week, I was lucky enough to ride most of them. By far the best however, at least until Busch Garden’s current project Cheetah Hunt is completed, was Sea World’s Manta, a B&M flying coaster.

Manta was awesome! Super smooth, very intense at times, and wonderfully themed, Manta was easily the best of Florida. A close second would be the thrilling, yet too short Sheikra, of Busch Garden’s.

Also of note were the rest of the Florida B&M’s, but The Hulk and Montu were probably the best.

My daughter however, preferred the Disney rides, and Vekoma scored high for her, Expedition Everest and Rock N Roller Coaster being two of her faves, along with the infamous Space Mountain.

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