Ten coasters I want to-realistically-ride this year

I love roller coasters, and occasionally I get to write about them at the the coastercritic.com. It is an awesome site, and if you enjoy theme parks in the slightest, it is worth a look. In any case, here is a list of the ten coasters I could/will realistically ride this year.

10. Sheikra. A Busch Gardens Tampa favorite, and a B&M ride type I’ve never gotten on. Assuming it’s running, I will ride this in March.

9. Rip Ride Rocket at Universal Studios, Florida. Again, I’ll be there in March, so if it’s open, I will ride. I’ve heard it’s a letdown, but I don’t care yet. I want to decide on my own, and I know the first drop will be awesome, even if the rest of the ride isn’t.

8. The Hulk at Universal Studios, Adventure Island, Florida. Only B&M with a launch? Yes please.

7. Volcano at King’s Dominion. I am extremely unlikely to hit Virginia this year, but along with a few other rides, this sucker would be worth the road trip on it’s own. I know that I will love this coaster, no question about it.

6. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. Definitely one of the best wooden coasters currently running, if not the best ever. Intamin does not mess around with steel, and I’d love to ride this woodie. Jersey Shore and a thirteen hour drive make me unlikely to wander to this lovely oasis in the swamp.

5. Bizzarro at Six Flags New England. It’s supposed to be one of-or the-best coasters in the world. It’s an Intamin hyper-coaster, and that’s enough said right there.

4. Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa. Regarded as one of the best inverted coasters anywhere, I will hopefully ride this on the March trip. Can it beat Raptor, Batman and Great Bear? Everyone else seems to think so.

3. Manta at Sea World Orlando. The last time I was there, they were building this sucker, had I ridden it then, it would have been my first B&M flying coaster. Having ridden Superman at Great America since then, I know I will love this one.

2. Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa. Joel, The Coaster Critic, lists this as his favorite coaster of all time. That alone makes me know I will love the worlds first sit down B&M.

1. Intimidator 305 at King’s Dominion. This has been the most interesting new coaster in America since the day it was announced. You bet I want a ride, especially after this off seasons re-tracking. All I have to do now is find a book store that wants a tattooed author to come hang out in Virginia.

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