Just a regular old day.

Go to work, plan to write.
Write a little.
Hurt someone.
Ease back onto the laptop by wasting time on bloodyelbow.com.
Get ready to write.
Have to hurt someone.
Back to the laptop and break area.
Ready to write…time to hurt someone.

I did ten piercings yesterday, highlights being two terrified young women who both left the studio peachy-keen because navel piercings aren’t that bad, did a PA (don’t google this) on a man who drove hours on really bad roads to see me, and finally, pierced the ears of a six year old girl with co-worker Amanda.

No good writing took place. It was still a good day for writing. I can now write about a young woman who is scared, a man who is beyond stoked about getting hurt, and a little girl who refused to be afraid of impending discomfort. These people can be heroes, or they can be villains, but whatever they end up being, they will be real, because I hurt them, and they thanked me for it.

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