The Vanderbilt is live!

Want a free book? Well, after a very long hiatus from publishing, I am releasing my new novel, The Vanderbilt, and am giving away ten free copies to the first people who visit this link. A caveat: you will need a Kindle or the Kindle app to read it.

Free Vanderbilt!

In any case, it’s called The Vanderbilt and it’s a fake oral history of a disaster on a cruise ship; think Lord of the Flies meets World War Z, sans zombies.

Much thanks to my first readers and the wonderful Gracie Doyle of Thomas and Mercer who gave me a hand with this one, and if you miss the giveaway you can get one below for a penny under three bucks. Or, if you didn’t want to read this and just wanted to share it, well, that would be neat too.

Buy The Vanderbilt!

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The Vanderbilt and Kindle Scout

Thanks to all who voted, but the expiration date has hit for Kindle Scout. I’ll be sure to post here once I get word on the results, hopefully it will be good news.

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Something new.

It has been a long time since I posted on here, and for that I apologize. The reason for that delay is basically that I didn’t have anything worth sharing in regards to my written work. For anyone wondering, writing has been fine, publishing decidedly less so. The reasons for this are myriad, but while I do plan on continuing to work with my friends in Seattle, the time has come for me to do something with some of my work from the last few years.

So, to that end I need your help. I’ve elected to enter a book in a program called Kindle Scout, which will allow anyone access to the first 5,000 words of an unreleased project of mine, The Vanderbilt, starting at midnight on January 5th and running through February 4th. If the project reviews successfully enough, the entire book could be released through this platform. So if you dig the excerpt, please vote so that the rest of it can come out via this interesting new process.

The Vanderbilt

As always, thanks for reading my stuff.


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Weavers is deal of the day on Amazon today!

Just in case you didn’t score a digital copy yet, Weavers is just $1.99 on Amazon for the rest of September 30th!

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Booklist starred review for Weavers!

Amazing new review from Booklist for my new novel Weavers, out now from Thomas and Mercer. Check it out below, and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of book one in The Moirai Trilogy!

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Galley Giveaway is complete.

Thanks to all who contacted me, but as of last night all of the copies of Weavers set aside for the giveaway are gone. Official release is next week, and you can pre-order copies here:

More news to come tomorrow!

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Galley Giveaway!!!

Hey All,

I finally got Weavers galleys in, and I would love to share some with you. I have five to give away, and as usual, they’re first come, first serve. Drop me a line on either here or Goodreads, I’ll get back to you for shipping and signing info, and I can have a copy to you in the mail as soon as Monday!


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Nickel Plated named one of the top one hundred YA Mysteries of the last ten years!

Booklist Magazine-who are awesome-named Nickel Plated as one of the 100 best YA mysteries of the last 10 years. So cool! You can check out the list below, along with a bunch of other rad books.

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Weavers cover is up!!

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The Moirai Trilogy

Book one of the Moirai Trilogy, Weavers, is due out on July 7th, and I wanted to give you guys a few updates.

1. What in the hell is the Moirai Trilogy?

Great question! The Moirai Trilogy follows the paths of a few telekinetics, and their interactions with modern and recent history, along with the government agency who utilizes them for the greater good.

2. That doesn’t sound much like your other stuff.

Agreed, but it really is. Weavers stars a young girl named Cynthia, it features a pair of idiotic criminals, and much of it takes place on the absolute fringe of society. Basically a typical Aric book, in which really tough stuff happens to good people.

3. All right, that doesn’t sound too bad. When are the next two books coming out?

No clue, to tell you the truth. What I can say is this, all three books in the trilogy are done, so you needn’t worry about any George RR Martin style antics from me.

4. If they’re done, why aren’t there release dates yet?

Doh. When I said they were done, I meant first drafts, There are still a few hoops to jump through before we’ll have solid dates, but in an ideal world, they will release no more than a year apart from one another.

5. That sounds kind of ambiguous. Are you sure they’re done?

I’m positive.

6. So are you just sitting around now?

Nope, hard at work on a new one. So far it’s going good, too, so hopefully that keeps up.

7. What about Nickel? Where’s he fit into all of this?

He doesn’t, regrettably. Fans of Nickel are going to have to wait a little longer for another adventure, but I do plan to write about him again. Not to sound too self serving, but convincing everyone you know to buy Nickel Plated and Tunnel Vision would probably help a lot, to tell the truth.

8. I’m not doing that.

Fair enough. I wouldn’t either.

Can’t wait to share this one with everybody, talk to you all soon.

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